Nipsey Hussle Calls For DJ Akademiks’s Public Ass-Whopping

via Youtube / Akademiks

Nipsey Hussle ain’t feeling hip-hop personality DJ Akademiks.

After recently walking out of an appearance on Complex’s “Everyday Struggle”, which is co-hosted by Akademiks — who says it was due to the rapper not wanting to discuss the topics of the show that day —ย  he sat down for an interview with Tariq Nasheed’s IZM Radio show and had some more words for Akademiks… calling for his public ass-whopping.

Apparently, Ak criticized 21 Savage’s recent comments that he is no longer buying jewelry, and instead, plans to spend his money on investments. This struck a cord with Nipsey.

“That’s a powerful message, especially for someone people are following that’s from a young generation,” Nip said of 21’s decision.

“That sh*t right there will get you f*cked up,” he said, regarding Akademik’s criticism of 21 Savage. “We supposed to f*ck n*ggas up for that. We ain’t supposed to be understanding. We’re supposed to catch you at ComplexCon or whereever you gonna be at… You gonna respect something.”

Nipsey did say, however, that he has no beef with Akademiks, but rather, calls “a spade a spade”.

So far, Akademiks has not responded.