Netflix Dancer Vandana Hart’s Wild Party Shuts Down Venice Pier

Vandana Hart is a former UN advisor and professional dancer whose show “We Speak Dance” is out on Netflix now.

Venice, California is an odd place. The city is known worldwide as a funky beach paradise with flavor and soul. Well-paid tech nerds co-exist with tourists, surf bums, and regular bums. Taco trucks and Teslas. Whole Foods and graffiti.

It’s only fitting that Vandana Hart, star of Netflix’s We Speak Dance, chose the eclectic Venice Pier as the location for her We Speak Dance renegade dance party, where she had Grammy-nominated artist starRo spinning and the crowd fully turnt.

Venice might be losing some of its soul as software developers displace artists who engineer murals using paint and brushes, but Vandana brings the funk wherever she goes.

Stay tuned for more from Vandana and make sure to check out “We Speak Dance” on Netflix. In the meantime, follow her on Instagram @vandanahart.