Rising rapper Lil Xan upset a lot of people recently, when he called Tupac “boring”.

During an interview with REVOLT, the rapper was asked ranked a list of people, items, and songs from 1-9 based on “clout” for their “On Clout 9” segment.

Well, when Tupac’s name came up, Lil Xan gave the late rap legend a 2, saying Pac’s music is “boring”.

As you can understand, the 21-year-old received a ton of backlash online, because Tupac is… well, Tupac.

Waka Flocka Flame took offense and decided to declare that Lil Xan is now “banned from hip hop”. Following the comment, T.I. commented to Waka’s statement, adding, “So be it.”

Waka later added: “Respect is everything, never forget that.”

Lil Xan replied to Waka later, but didn’t mention him by name. “Lil Xan’s not going anywhere,” he said on Instagram. “Sorry. You gotta look at this ugly face for a lot longer, guys.”

Xan also announced that he was done with interviews because he didn’t want “these companies” to use him to “further there sh*t.”