Jaden Smith

Rapper and actor Jaden Smith has been on a successful run with the hit single “Icon” from his well-received debut studio album Syre. Now, the young artist says he has been given the cold shoulder by many of the mega stars who once embraced him.

Jaden, Will Smith’s son, premiered his project back in late 2017, and it hit No. 24 on the Billboard 200 chart, but in a recent interview with Complex, he explains feeling ousted as the “little homie” in circles with musicians like Kanye West, Drake, and Donald Glover.

When asked about Syre, and whether or not its triumphant reception has impacted his celebrity relationships, Smith says it’s like, “You can’t hang out with us anymore. We didn’t know you were making an album this whole time. We thought you were just ‘Little Homie’ giving us free water and sh*t. You’re not really cool with us anymore.” He also expressed feeling as though it was his status as “little homie” that granted him access into the iconic group in the first place.

We’ve watched Jaden Smith’s talent grow into an artistic force, from his childhood in both acting and musical arenas. Here’s hoping the relationships between himself, Yeezy, Drizzy, and Childish Gambino can be mended just in time for what could be one of the dopest collaborations ever.