via Markus Berger / Red Bull Content Pool

After telling his story to Red Bull, legendary b-boy RoxRite did exactly what he said he would over the weekend: won a historic 100 competitive wins.

The record-setting 100th win was earned during a battle at the Circle Industry 2018 Finals in Salzburg, Austria on Saturday night (March 3) in a 5 on 5, starring Red Bull BC One All Stars RoxRite, Junior, Menno, Victor and Taisuke.

“The 100 Wins campaign has been an incredible opportunity for me to relive the defining moments that have led me to where I am today,” RoxRite said of the journey, documented by Red Bull. “Throughout my career, it was sometimes hard to imagine hitting 100 wins, but every competition played its role in pushing me further and inspiring me to achieve my dreams. I feel lucky to be able to share those stories with the world.”

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