Following the release of his sophomore studio effort Effected, Cozz returns with the second video from the album for the song “Demons N Distractions”.

Blunt in hand, the music visual opens with Cody Macc smoking weed and drinking champagne as the camera circles around him in never-ending spirals. On occasion, the screen flashes to a squad of dancing goons wearing neon demon masks. Halfway through, the beat switches up, ending the video with Cozz spitting the last verse while walking up a graffiti-covered alleyway.

In an exclusive track-by-track with Billboard, Cozz recently broke down the song. “The only way I was getting away from [the demons] was smoking weed or drinking,” he explains. “That’s why I say, ‘I need a drink and a joint lit.’ I was trying to find happiness, but it wasn’t the right way to find happiness.”

“When I found music, that was the first time I found something I loved to do, that also took my mind off the world. It became therapeutic to write problems down. It’s good to get that sh*t out,” Cozz continued.

Watch the Darius Turbak directed video up top. Effected is out now.