Chicago rapper Tink has been locked in a deal with producer Timbaland’s Mosley Music Group and Epic Records for the last four years. But recently, got her walking papers and was finally released, reports The FADER.

The 22-year-old emcee gained recognition over the course of 2011-14 for a series of mixtapes — including The Winter’s Diary — that she produced while she was still in high school. The buzz landed her a spot on XXL’s 2015 Freshman Class, and ultimately, a major label deal.

Tink signed with Timbaland’s Mosley Music Group at 18 years old and dropped two singles from her unreleased debut, ThinkTink. Unfortunately, the tracks made no real impact on her growing reputation. Tink felt that Timbaland’s direction towards a “Modern Aaliyah” wasn’t suitable for the brand she was trying to build and that the songs he released actually set her back.

“I really had to get a grip on everything in my life, so that I could come back and be able to just focus on the music this year,” Tink tells The FADER. “I had dedicated so much time, and we had put in a lot of work together, me and Timbaland. We had an album done, but that whole process was just very shocking to me. Going into something and having such high expectations for it, then having to refocus and reprocess everything. I had to really just dig deep and find out what i wanted to say next.”

Tink said her ThinkTink album had been completed, but its release was delayed because Timbaland wanted to apply a few changes. Now a free agent, she is currently working on Winter’s Diary 5, which has spawned the single “Breakin’ Me.”

Stay tuned for further information, and check out the video for “Breakin’ Me” below.