With the season 2 return of Donald Glover’s über successful series, Atlanta here, what better way to show your anticipation for the reunion with the gang than to interact with them on their turf via Snapchat?

A new and exclusive Atlanta Snapchat lens has been released, allowing you to catch up with Paper Boi & Darius on the block or snap a pic with Atlanta’s moniker while listening to Robbin’ Season’s theme music. Simply Snap-to-Unlock the exclusive Atlanta Snapchat lens.

In addition, a new Atlanta “Flicker” preview has been released (below), giving us a further look into the series. Is Earn and Vanessa’s relationship strong enough to stand strong through the drama the season will inevitably bring? Will Paper Boi’s rap career take him to new height or leave him right where he started, and what odd thing has consumed Darius this time?

Make sure to download Atlanta’s new Snapchat filter, check out the series new “Flicker” above, and catch Atlanta: Robbin’ Season tonight at 10pm on FX.