Foxy Brown
via Instagram / Foxy Brown

While Russell Simmons has recently found himself embroiled in a slew of sexual misconduct allegations, Foxy Brown is standing by the hip-hop pioneer and Def Jam co-founder.

Foxy took to Instagram and released “an open letter”, which she says is to “attest the character of the man” she says “saved her life as a teenager.”

“Salaciousness and scandal garners headlines. Cowards cower, during times of tumult,” she writes. “But as inarguably, Russell’s biggest Def Jam female protege, (who birthed an era of overtly evocative stars), the man I’ve known and loved, was nothing more than the respectful, respected, gentleman and GODFATHER OF HIP-HOP we’ve all adored.”

Fox concluded her letter with her prayers for Simmons and her “staunch support”.

Back in January, news surfaced that two accusers had filed police reports with the NYPD claiming that Russell Simmons had raped them. One of his accusers, Sherri Hines, appeared on the daytime talk show, Meagan Kelly TODAY, and alleged that Simmons assaulted her when she was just 17 years old, after she had accepted an invite to his office in hopes of discussing her career. The second woman, who chooses to remain anonymous, claims the music mogul assaulted her back in 1991 when they were dating, reports TMZ.

Since then, a total of 14 women have come forward alleging rape by Simmons, seven of which are all working with the NYPD since there is no statute of limitations on this crime in New York.

Russell Simmons has denied the allegations, but since has stepped down from his company and has been dropped from a number of projects.