Tekashi 6ix9ine is the talk of the internet. If you haven’t been following the controversy, the New York rapper stirred things up earlier this year, after he declared that nobody would ever test his gangster nor does he have to “check in” with gang members in other cities.

This caused friction that ultimately led to the cancellation of a pair of shows in California, followed by a sh*tshow that consisted of 6ix9ine heading to L.A. and taunting artists native to the city while posting video clips of himself walking around areas like Hollywood and a local mall.

Tensions got worse this week when 6ix9ne and his crew dissed Los Angeles as a whole. While filming a video in NYC, the rapper’s crew was seen screaming “F*ck L.A.”

Slim 400, in particular, has taken issue with 6ix9ine’s blatant disrespect for gang culture and his city. The Compton rapper tried to track down the NYC rapper at his hotel in L.A. to no avail and even unleashed a diss track poking fun at Tekashi’s name and appearance, dubbed “Takisha”.

In the midst of the current controversy, we sat down with Slim to talk about the origin of his beef with 6ix9ine, if there’s any shot of them working things out, and the importance of “checking in” when you visit other cities, especially when you’re claiming gang ties.

Ultimately, he says Tekashi is making bloods look bad, and if he doesn’t want to lay down his red rag, he better act right.

Watch the video up top, and to hear more from Slim 400, you can listen to his music on iTunes.