Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
via Warner Bros.

Is there a “Fresh Princess” of Bel-Air coming to our TV screens in the near future?

According to TMZ, a reboot of the ’90s sitcom is on its way, but with a little plot twist.

Recently, the company that owns the rights to Fresh Prince of Bel-Air filed trademark applications for the rights to “Fresh Princess”. Hmm… suspicious, right?

Earlier this month, it was also reported that the company was in the process of trademarking new merch, including toys, clothing, and actions figures.

News of the possible reboot has left us all with so much speculation. Will the OG cast of Fresh Prince make a return? Maybe, the “Fresh Princess” will be Will’s daughter, Willow.

Regardless of the plot, fans are a little dissapointed in the rumors.

There has been no official word on a possible reboot, but we can’t all help but wonder.