Nipsey Hussle Compares “Black Panther” & LA Gang Culture

Nipsey Hussle
via Hot 97

In a recent sit down with the crew of “Ebro In the Morning”, at Hot 97 in New York, Nipsey Hussle talks about his debut album Victory Lap, his connection to Africa, and his thoughts on Marvel’s Black Panther.

Around the 19:40-minute mark, the conversation turns to Black Panther, during which the L.A. rapper explains how he was blown away after watching the film, comparing the movie’s storyline to gang culture in Los Angeles.

“There are so many layers to that movie. It reminded me — and not in aesthetic, at all, but just in dynamic — it reminded me of Get Out,” said Nipsey.

“I remember there was a line saying like, [Killmonger] ‘I know the game of my oppressors…’ and the other dude is like, ‘Nah, man, you took it and you’re using it against your own people.’ That’s so real. That’s what gangbanging is,” he continued, referencing a conversation between the characters of King T’Challa (portrayed by Chadwick Boseman) and Erik “Killmonger” Steven (played by Michael B. Jordan).

“As a gangbanger, when you go on a mission. When you’re looking for your so-called enemy. When you’re looking, you’re gonna pass up a dude who’s dressed square, right? You’re gonna pass up a dude from a different race,” the rapper adds. “When you see someone that’s dressed like you dress and got the walk that you got and got the body language like you, you’re gonna say, ‘There you go. Get him.’ And that’s deep. When you really unpack that, you’re looking for yourself just on the other side of town. And you’re gonna hop out and try to attack him and try to down him in a real way. And being caught up in gangbanging culture, you don’t think that deep. You just think, these n*ggas came through and shot the hood up, we bout to go back through there and return the favor.”

Check out the full interview above.

Both Nipsey’s Victory Lap and Black Panther are out now.