Jimmy Kimmel Remakes Drake’s “God’s Plan” Video at the 99 Cent Store

Jimmy Kimmel Remakes Drake's God's Plan video

Drake’s single “God’s Plan” is a smash hit, and it’s video — where he gives out nearly $1 million to people in Miami — has shot it into the stratosphere. It’s such a hit that it has garnered a spoof from Jimmy Kimmel.

Guillermo Rodriguez, of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, put together his own version of Drake’s “God’s Plan” video. Instead of paying for everyone’s groceries at a supermarket, he hits the 99 Cents Only Store to pay for a few things.

Instead of covering their whole bill, he pays for a $1 dollar item for each person.

The budget for “G’s Plan” is just $100 though. In the end, he pays out $96.16. Watch the hilarious parody above.