Drake Says He’ll “Keep Helping” After “God’s Plan” Video

Drake charity God's Plan Video

Drake has been killing the airwaves with his Scary Hours single “God’s Plan”, as well as making headlines for the video in which he’s seen distributing $1 million in a charitable act.

Despite doing so much good in Miami for the video, some are criticizing him for using charity to promote his project.

Drake, however, says he plans to continue giving back… moving forward.

TMZ cameras caught up with the rap star recently and asked him how he’s going to top the “God’s Plan” video.

“[It’s] actually the best thing I’ve ever done in my life, to be honest with you,” Drake said, before adding: “Just keep helping. That’s it.””

He said this while jumping into his yellow LaFerrari.

There’s no specifics about what he has planned next, but it’s good to hear he has plans to give more.