Tekashi69 Gets Into Brawl While Trying to Leave L.A. at LAX

Tekashi69 Gets Into Brawl at LAX

After taunting a number of Los Angeles rappers over the weekend by touching down in Los Angeles without “checking in”, Tekashi69 (aka 6ix9ine) had his gangster tested at LAX on Wednesday (Feb. 21).

As he tried to leave Los Angeles, two guys confronted the rapper and his crew as they were entering LAX… and a brawl broke out.

As you can see in the video above (via TMZ), two men approached Tekashi69, who was urged to walk away by his associates. Then, fists started flying, before he returned and got in on the action as it spilled onto the street.

At one point, Tekashi is thrown to the ground, before everyone is separated.

According to TMZ, no charges were pressed.

After the fight, Tekashi seemed unfazed. “Everybody wanna make a name for themselves. I’m still smiling,” he said. As for others looking for him, he said: “They still haven’t found me. I ain’t hard to find.”

Throughout NBA All-Star Weekend, a number of L.A. rappers — including Spanky Loco, Slim 400 and Jooba Loc — tried to locate Tekashi69 to no avail, as the rapper posted videos of himself and quickly left each location.

It’s unclear who the two men were they tested him at LAX.