Spotify to Introduce Physical Products, Including Smart Speaker

Spotify logo

Music streaming platform Spotify is apparently entering the hardware market soon, as a job listings has surfaced seeking someone to create a product “akin to Pebble Watch, Amazon Echo, and Snap Spectacles.”

According to The Guardian, the company will be working on a smart speaker to compete directly with Amazon and their main competitor Apple.

“Spotify is on its way [to] creating its first physical products and set-up an operational organisation for manufacturing, supply chain, sales and marketing,” the job listing says.

However, Spotify has declined to comment on the product.

While the platform still reigns as the most popular streaming platform in the world, it relies heavily on third-party support. Their Spotify Connect software allows Amazon’s Echo, Sony’s PS4, and BMW 7 series vehicles to directly stream music from the cloud.

Their main competition for its rumored smart speaker seems to be Apple, whose HomePod cannot connect to Spotify, choosing instead to exclusively stream from own Apple Music platform — Spotify’s competitor in music streaming.

With Apple music being projected to overtake Spotify as the most popular streaming platform in the US, according to the Wall Street Journal, a competitive smart speaker may help the company remain No. 1.