Frank Ocean
via Dave Gold / CC-BY-2.0

Frank Ocean has sued producer Om’Mas Keith for allegedly trying to get songwriting credits for 11 tracks off his Blonde album.

This suit stems from Keith listing his name as a co-writer on the music royalties organization ASCAP’s database, despite Ocean’s claims that the producer did not co-write the songs.

Keith has claimed co-writing credits for the tracks: “Be Yourself,” “Futura Free,” “Godspeed,” “Ivy,” “Nights,” “Nikes,” “Pink + White,” “Pretty Sweet,” “Skyline To,” “Solo,” and “White Ferrari” — all appearing on the 2016 album.

TMZ reports that Ocean paid the producer a flat fee to simply master the recordings, adding that he did not write lyrics, melodies or music for the album.

The lawsuit requests that a judge block Keith from claiming songwriting credits for those tracks.

As far as monetary compensation, Ocean is not seeking any compensation besides attorney fees and “such other and further relief as the court deems just and proper.”