Armormax Bulletproof Tesla Model S
via Armormax

Armormax is known for its capabilities in armored passenger vehicles. Its latest creation comes in the form of the Tesla Model S.

The Tesla electric vehicle is wrapped in a ballistic shielding material made from lightweight composites, so the bulletproof treatment adds just 550 pounds to the car’s overall weight. Compared to traditional steel armor, which usually comes in around 3,000 pounds, the addition of a little over 500 pounds is a technological feat.

The Armormax Model S appears like a standard version of the car, with the bulletproofing being hidden under the car’s exterior.

Furthermore, the new material ties in with Tesla’s “Bio-Weapon Defense Mode” air filtration system to protect the car against different potential threats.

Currently, it’s unclear how much the Armormax Telsa Model S costs, but you can inquire for a quote at the Armormax website here.