R. Kelly Served Eviction Notice at Georgia Mansion

R. Kelly
via Nicholas Ballasy / Public Domain

Looks like R. Kelly may be booted from his mansion in Georgia, after he was served with an eviction notice.

According to the Daily Mail, an eviction notice was issued Kelly on Feb. 13, after he allegedly fell behind on payments for a home in Duluth, Georgia… to the tune of just over $23,000.

R. Kelly eviction notice / Daily Mail
R. Kelly eviction notice / Daily Mail

In December, the singer claimed that this property and another home in Georgia where burgled by an associate while he was on tour. A source, however, states that Kelly “did not make the money he expected to make over the last year… blaming bad press after being accused of keeping a number of women in his home as members of a sex-obsessed, abusive cult.”

While Kelly maintains that he was not responsible for any wrongdoing, criminal charges are expected to be filed against him for damage done to the house.