Ja Rule vs. 50 Cent: Rivals Trade Shots on Valentine’s Day

Ja Rule
via Eduardo Santos / CC-BY-2.0

Is is the mid-2000s again? It seems 50 Cent and Ja Rule are still bitter at each other after all these days.

On Valentine’s Day, the longtime rivals exchanged some words online, via Instagram.

Fif reportedly started it, when he posted a meme of Power character Ghost screaming, with the text: “Ja Ruleโ€™s kids asking him for the 100th time if they could watch ‘Power'”.

Though the post has since been deleted, Rule fired back with a response. In an Instagram post of his own, Ja quoting complimentary words from 50โ€™s estranged son Marquise Jackson. It reads: “Ja Rule was probably one of the first to [sing and rap] and I listen to a lot of Ja Rule because of that,” which Marquise said in a 2017 interview.

In the caption, Ja wrote: “Glad I was able to inspire you and your dad”.

This is actually the second time this year 50 and Ja Rule exchanged words. Last month, 50 talked about their beef in an interview on Los Angeles’ REAL 92.3, saying he could never be a fan of Ja Rule, because he “done put him to bed”.

After, Ja Rule fired back on social media with a string of tweets.