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Credit: none needed / Pixabay

Instagram Stories is meant to be like Snapchat, 24-hour content (or less) that disappears. If you are one of those people who like to screenshot, you can still do it, but you are gonna get called out for it!

According to Dazed Digital, some users have begun receiving in-app warnings. Apparently, a first offense is simply a warning, telling you to be cautious. If you do it a second time, its flagged and the user is alerted.

Instagram already does this for disappearing DMs, if you aren’t aware.

TechCrunch reports that IG has tested the warnings on a select group of accounts. If another user has recorded or screenshotted a story, that person will appear in the users stories’ “seen by” list with a camera shutter next to their name. This is something Snapchat has been doing for some time.

If you just can’t stop the creeping habit, there’s a way around it. The internet said you can do this: after you load the story, turn your phone to airplane mode before taking a screenshot. This will (reportedly) prevent the stalkee from getting notified.

Creep on… or stalk on stalkers.