YG Says Cardi B is Good in Los Angeles, Following Crips Diss

YG gives Cardi B a pass

Cardi B stirred things up recently, when she used a derogatory term to describe the color of her fur coat, which was interpreted as a diss to Crips.

“I hate wearing Flue but this coat was too poppin”, she wrote in an Instagram caption.

With Cardi set to travel to Los Angeles for NBA All-Star Weekend, there were reports that she may be in danger.

Well, if brazen Blood gang member YG — a Los Angeles native — has anything to say about it, she won’t have any issues.

TMZ cameras caught up with the Compton rapper recently and asked about Cardi B’s comments.

“Ay, the homegirl straight. She get love. She get love from me,” YG declared before hopping into his ride.

Since the controversial statement, Cardi B has downplayed the issue, saying she’s from the streets and using the word “flue” isn’t a big deal.

Furthermore, she ain’t worried. โ€œI will never let nobody extort me. I rather drop my flag thatโ€™s against my law .I might as well get Kill .I rather get kill and i will never let nobody put fear in my heart,” Cardi wrote on social media.