No Photo Zone! Kendrick Lamar Bans Photographers From Concerts

Kendrick Lamar
via ANSPressSocietyNews / CC-BY-2.0

Fresh off the heels of Black Panther: The AlbumKendrick Lamar is in headlines yet again… after banning professional photographers from his concerts, reports The Guardian.

Kung Fu Kenny isn’t the first high-profile artist to feel this way. Alicia Keys, The Lumineers, and even the late Prince took a stance to keep their shows special and not allowing recording.

While he did allow few photographers outside of his camp to photograph during shows his “DAMN Tour”, that is now changing. He is now not allowing any other professional photographers — outside of his team — into the arena of his shows during the European leg of the tour. These actions stem from Kendrick’s concern to “limit the market” and “attempt to protect his valuable ‘brand’ and ensure the appetite for tickets remains keen.”

In the music industry, the majority of an artist’s income relies on touring, so his photography ban makes perfect sense.

Lamar follows artists such as Beyoncé and The Killers, who have enlisted their own photographers to shoot at their shows.

How might someone ban a cell phone, you ask? With the help of new technology like the Yondr Pouch, where fans place their devices into a pouch, the pouch locks, and does not unlock until fans leave the “no-cell-phone zone.” While it does seem slightly necessary, it actually makes sense, as artists attempt to not only keep ticket sales high, but also prevent the vibe being ruined by footage shot by smartphones hitting the internet.