Cardi B
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If you haven’t been following the story, Cardi B has gotten herself into trouble with street gangs, after disrespecting Crips in an Instagram post last week.

The New York rap star posted a photo of herself in a blue fur coat, accompanied by the caption (since-deleted): “I hate wearing Flue but this coat was too poppin”.

“Flue” is a derogatory term used by Blood gang members to disrespect Crips. And, gang members didn’t take the jab lightly, reportedly firing off threats to Cardi B, who is set to travel to Los Angeles this week for NBA All-Star Weekend.

Recently, Cardi addressed the controversy, saying she comes from the streets and isn’t worried about any repercussions for her comments.

“ALWAYS BEEN IN THE STREETS,” she wrote in response to someone in her comments. “Im militant i know my oath my nation like the back of my hands I came from the streets .I been banging sh*t since 16 NOT AFTER FAME OR BODAK.”

“NY is mix with bloods and crips and i deff know crips in the Pjs I came home that park sh*t,” Cardi ontinued. “We say these type of words all the time all of a sudden the world is mad .Now my thing is how was n*ggas that soo call claim they ‘GANGSTA’ telling me they next move ? That’s how i figure it’s for clout !cause a real gangsta do sh*t in silence.”

#Crips > Cardi B 🤙🏽

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There were reports that Crips were trying to extort the rap star, but she has denied the notion she’d every bow down. “I will never let nobody extort me. I rather drop my flag that’s against my law .I might as well get Kill .I rather get kill and i will never let nobody put fear in my heart.”

According to reports, club owners have already ramped up security ahead of Cardi B’s upcoming NBA All-Star festivities in Los Angeles next weekend.