Eminem Kisses Unknown Woman in Leaked Video

By Staff  |  02/10/2018

Eminem Kisses Unknown Woman in Leaked Video

Eminem is notoriously guarded when it comes to his private life, but a video surfaced this week that may offer a glimpse.

In a video, leaked via Worldstarhiphop, a mystery woman films the rap stars as he meets her inside a hotel room. At first, he thinks they are simply taking a selfie, but he eventually realized they're recording... and the video cuts to black.

#Eminem caught slipping while trying to get some action with a mystery girl 👀 #WSHH

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“Why?” Em asks her while she's recording herself. “Why not?” she replies. “We have to document our lives, right?”
“I guess," the rapper replies, before asking: “Wait, is that recording?”

While it may seem as though the video is a rare glimpse into Em's private life with this mystery woman, fans are speculating that it was leaked on purpose in promotion of Em's upcoming "River" video.

The Ed Sheeran-assisted single, off his Revival album, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200.