Eminem Kisses Unknown Woman in Leaked Video
via Worldstarhiphop

Eminem is notoriously guarded when it comes to his private life, but a video surfaced this week that may offer a glimpse.

In a video, leaked via Worldstarhiphop, a mystery woman films the rap stars as he meets her inside a hotel room. At first, he thinks they are simply taking a selfie, but he eventually realized they’re recording… and the video cuts to black.

“Why?” Em asks her while she’s recording herself. “Why not?” she replies. “We have to document our lives, right?”
“I guess,” the rapper replies, before asking: “Wait, is that recording?”

While it may seem as though the video is a rare glimpse into Em’s private life with this mystery woman, fans are speculating that it was leaked on purpose in promotion of Em’s upcoming “River” video.

The Ed Sheeran-assisted single, off his Revival album, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200.