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Over the past two decades, mysterious street artist Banksy has become a pop culture icon. However, no one really know who he is.

In 2016, researchers at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) published findings that pointed to a man named Robin Gunningham from Bristol, London as the infamous artist. This same man was also named in a 2008 piece from the Daily Mail.

In what could be likened to a Bigfoot sighting, the elusive Banksy was spotted just last week, moments after he did a piece in Hull, East Yorkshire in England.

A man captured a short video he shot on Thursday (Jan. 25) which he alleges is Banksy, wearing a baseball hat and sunglasses.

The sighting took place as three Banksy pieces popped up around the city. He was actually spotted very close to one of those works as well, which was later authenticated via Banksy’s official Instagram account about 24 hours later.

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According to UK’s Independent, local business owner, Richard Tilson, spotted two men in a Mercedes van and took video footage with his smartphone, because he thought they were robbers. After tailing them, he noticed they snapped photos of the art work… which he didn’t think much of. But, when Banksy posted photos the work online, that’s when he put it all together.

“I just can’t believe that there was this millionaire sat in this van spraying paint on to a wall,” he told the paper. “Personally, I’m about 95 per cent certain it is him. If it looks like him online then it has got to be. Too much adds up.”