Floyd Mayweather to MMA? Boxer Hints at Possible Crossover

Floyd Mayweather MMA cage
via Instagram / Floyd Mayweather

Just five months after their superfight in boxing, Floyd Mayweather is already hinting a return from retirement. This time, however, he’s talking about entering the cage?

If you missed it, Floyd took to social media earlier this week with a pair of videos that show him inside a cage. In the last one, he teases his potential entry into MMA.

“2018. Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather. MMA. What are the odds, Paddy? What are the odds?” Mayweather says.



Since December, UFC president Dana White has talked about some sort of potential deal with Mayweather, but details have been sparse.

Is this what he’s been talking about? Or, is Mayweather just looking to get a response from McGregor? Well, he got it.

Where this will lead to remains unclear.