Mia Khalifa and Gilbert Arenas show on Complex
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Just two months joining Complex, as a co-host on a sports talk show called Out of Bounds, former adult film star Mia Khalifa is gone.

There was no official announcement, but in the first episode of Season 2, which premiered on MLK Day, they briefly addressed her absence, saying that she went on to “do other business endeavors”.

“We have just three people here. That’s because Mia Khalifa went on to do other business endeavors,” said Out of Bounds co-host Pierce Simpson. “And Mia, we thank you for all your contributions in Season 1 of Out of Bounds. The Out of Bounds family, we wish you the best of luck.”

What business endeavors Mia left for is unclear. However, in the comments section of the episode’s video, many speculated that she was fired because the audience simply didn’t like her.

“Damn they was finally about to stop getting dislikes cuz Mia left,” one user wrote.

“Left to ‘do other business endeavors’ is code for ‘You got fired’,” another wrote.

If you are a regular of the show, the comments section were brutal when it came from Mia, and almost every episode of Season 1 had more dislikes than likes on the Youtube video.

On Twitter, some fans are happy she left, while others are begging her to come back.

What did you think of Out of Bounds with Mia Khalifa?

Whatever Mia Khalifa is now doing, she seems to be having fun, as she regularly shares her life on social media, and as of press time, has over 5.2 million followers on Instagram. DAMN!