Introducing Caffeine: New Social Streaming Platform for Gamers

Caffeine logo

Looking for a new streaming platform for gaming? Get ready for Caffeine.

The newly launched social broadcasting platform was created by a team of ex-Apple engineers and executives to take on Twitch and Youtube Gaming, after raising $46 million from Andreessen Horowitz and Greylock Partners.

Caffeine is aimed at making things easy. It has developed its own publication tool, which is a free 10 MB download, making it easier to stream for the casual gamer.

Users can record and broadcast with a single click, without the need for additional software. The app lets you broadcast games on a PC using software. You can also broadcast via a webcam, or you can use the Caffeine iOS app.

It also rids the time-consuming details like bitrates, stream keys, or IP addresses.

It’s not limited to gaming though. You can watch movies or TV shows with other people.

“Caffeine is masterfully designed to enable creators in all fields to connect with their audiences in the best way possible,” said investor/board chairman Ben Horowitz. “I am extremely excited to be working on this new future with Ben and team.”

It also features a number of built-in tool that will allow broadcasters to share their stream on social media to instantly reach existing audiences and build their Caffeine community.

For more info or to try out Caffeine, which is currently in pre-release, visit the website here.