Russell Westbrook Salty Thinking He Last Pick For NBA All-Star Game

Russell Westbrook
via Keith Allison / CC-BY-2.0

LeBron James took to social media on Thursday (Jan. 25) to reveal his drafted team in the upcoming NBA All-Star Game, and it upset one player.

After Russell Westbrook poured in 46 points against the Washington Wizards that same day, he was asked about being on Team LeBron… and apparently, he was a bit salty, reports ESPN.

When asked about being selected by LeBron, Russ believed he was the last selection, though he tried to be political at first.

“That’s cool, man, that’s good, man, they finally got the teams figured out,” he said.

From his nearby locker, Carmelo Anthony yelled out, “Tell ’em how you really feel!”

Westbrook smiled and laughed, adding: “But I see I was the last pick on the list — I was just trying to figure out how …”

When he was informed that the list was just in alphabetical order, Westbrook yelled back at Melo, “See, I told you, man! Alphabetical order, man! Of course I was first!”

Westbrook walked away laughing, continuing on with Anthony, “Of course! What you talking about?”