With Culture II here, Migos hit The Breakfast Club on Friday (Jan. 26), who discussed all things Migos.

Regarding Culture, here’s what they said it means to them. “We the wave. We bringing all the people together, the young generation,” Quavo explained. “We making new music, keeping it fresh…. we taking over the game.”

The new album features 24 new tracks. Why? “It’s the anniversary. It’s been a year since we dropped out last album. It was only right,” Offset said.

As far as their sound, and why Atlanta hip-hop is so widely accepted, the trio said they are just having fun and not thinking too much about it. “It’s authentic. It’s real. It’s fun,” said Quavo.

“There’s not too much thought. It’s not too deep,” added Offset. “You can get deep, but it’s not really too deep. It’s more enjoyable music. It’s enjoyable vibes. Hottest sh*t in the streets.”

Despite their successes, the trio of Quavo, Offset and Takeoff remain tight-knit. How are they able to maintain such a tight relationship between themselves? “It’s real family right here. Blood. We done been through everything,” said Takeoff.

“We didn’t get it like everybody either,” added Offset. “I feel like we went through more stuff. N*ggas was sleeping on us. N*ggas was telling us we ain’t… n*ggas was tripping. We really had to show people, make them wake up. We the real deal. We started from the bottom. We didn’t have a quick hit.”

Elsewhere, Migos talk about their comeup and doing club appearances for free, to getting Quavo now executive producing for other artists.

Culture II is out now.