WWE’s Vince McMahon Announces Return of the XFL

Vince McMahon announces XFL
via XFL

Following initial reports in December, WWE founder Vince McMahon announced Thursday (Jan. 25) that he is bringing back professional football league, the XFL.

In the announcement, McMahon said he would fund the venture on his own. Also, he said it would launch in January 2020.

“Quite frankly, we’re going to give the game of football back to fans,” he said.

The inaugural season of the new XFL will consist of eight teams around the country, with each playing a 10-week schedule.

McMahon sold off 3.34 million shares he owned in the WWE, coming out to $100 million, which is expected to be the initial investment into the league.

The XFL carries the same name of the league McMahon and NBC launched in 2001, but last just one season.

“It will be professional football reimagined,” McMahon said, while also welcoming fans to offer their input so the company can “get it right”.

“Football is America’s favorite sport. There’s seven months of no football on the gridiron and there’s 70 million fans,” he later added. “Right now is the perfect time. I’ve always wanted to bring it back.”

WWE talent will not crossover into the XFL, he made clear.

Further details are currently unknown.