LMFAO! Burger King Trolls Customers Over Net Neutrality

Burger King Trolls Customers Over Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality was officially repealed back in December, and it was a big deal. But, there’s many people out there who still don’t know what that means… or even what Net Neutrality is.

With it being such a hot topic, Burger King created this funny video, explaining how the repeal of Net Neutrality would affect someone by introducing WHOPPER Neutrality.

What if: you wanted your Whopper in a timely fashion, you have to pay for how fast you want one. The highest priority Burgers are served immediately for $26 bucks. Otherwise, regular-priced WHOPPERS are served with a waiting time no matter how fast they are made behind the counter.

To help keep Net Neutrality, you can sign the petition at Change.org/SavetheNet.