Adidas Introduces the Z.N.E. Reversible Jacket

Adidas Z.N.E. Reversible Jacket

Adidas unveiled its latest innovation this week, the Z.N.E. Reversible Jacket, made to either stand out or blend in.

The bomber jacket was designed for versatility and built for comfort. It’s reversible, with lightweight woven and knitted fabrics and a different design on each side. In addition to premium fabrics, the jacket features details such as ribbed hems, laser-cut detailing and bonded cuffs.

“We designed the Z.N.E. Reversible Jacket with athletes of all levels in mind; some moments they want to blend in, others they want to own the spotlight and stand out,” said Andrew Van Zanten, adidas Sr. Designer for Men’s athletics. “This versatile jacket offers the wearer both options, to seize whatever moment suits them. The bonded woven shell delivers a blend of aesthetics and comfort, whichever choice you make”

For women, the jacket is light grey on one side, with a striking black-on-white line design on the reverse side for a statement piece. For men, the first side is charcoal gray, while a lighter grey design with prominent lines on the inside offers a bolder look.

The Adidas Z.N.E. Reversible Jacket releases Feb. 1 at select adidas stores and