Too Short
via Steven Truong / CC-BY-2.0

A new lawsuit has surfaced, accusing Too Short of sexual assault, rape, and sodomy in a Los Angeles hotel room last summer, reports TMZ.

The accuser, Teana Louis, claims that Oakland rap legend (real name: Todd Shaw) sexually assaulted her in a number of hotel room.

According to the suit, which was filed last week in Los Angeles, the woman says that her initial interest in Shaw was to make music together. They met in late 2015, formed a working relationship and produced a song in April 2016, which was when Too Short first made unwanted advances toward her. In June 2017, she alleges he forced her onto a bed in the hotel room they were visiting and performed oral sex on her against her will. She also claims he restrained her in order to engage in vaginal sex and “brutally sodomized” her — after which she says she was left her bleeding from the trauma.

Too Short denies the allegations, claiming that he has “hundreds” of text messages as proof that their sexual relationship was consensual.

In her lawsuit, Louis accused the rapper of sexual battery, sexual harassment, gender violence, gender discrimination and false imprisonment.

This isn’t the first time Too Short has been accused of rape. He was previously under investigation for allegedly raping a woman at a Los Angeles residence in Mar. 2017. At press time, it’s unclear whether any charges were officially brought against him.