Joel Embiid
via ABC TV Group / CC-BY-2.0

Outspoken Philadelphia 76ers​ big man Joel Embiid has been trying to holler at Rihanna since he entered the league in 2014.

He took to Twitter that summer, half-jokingly asking Riri to go on a dinner date.

Apparently, the pop star quickly followed him on Twitter, and Embiid said she was considering his offer, though it never came to fruition.

A month after that initial tweet, the Sixers forward tweeted that a “famous girl” turned him down and told him, “Come back when you’re [an] All Star.”

That “famous girl” was later revealed as Rihanna.

Things changed this week, when Embiid was named a starter for the Eastern Conference All-Star team.

Now, following Embiid’s accomplishment, fans are flooding Rihanna with messages on social media, reminding her of that dinner date… NOW that he’s officially an All-Star. Her IG has been flooded with “@joelembiid” tags and comments like, “He’s an All-Star now give him a call.”

Despite his attempts in the past, it appears Embiid is done waiting, and is now taking a pass on Riri. LMFAO!

“She’s denied me back then, so why go with her now? I have to pass that and move on to the next one,” he said during a recent post-game interview.