Fanatics & AMEX Launch Program to Exchange Jerseys When Players Are Traded

LeBron James
via Erik Drost / CC-BY-2.0

In sports, players switch teams in a flash. For fans, especially those who purchase their favorite player’s jersey, this can be a problem. Here’s your solution: the American Express Jersey Assurance.

Via a partnership between American Express and Fanatics, the new program backs — and builds upon — Fanatics’ existing Jersey Assurance program for the NBA, which allows fans to exchange jerseys purchased across the Fanatics network (including and for eligible players who change teams due to trade or free agency for up to 90 days post-purchase.

Now, with the new AMEX-backed program, users get the protection extended to up to one year after the purchase date for fans who purchase their jersey using an American Express Card.

The American Express Jersey Assurance program allows fans to either trade in their favorite player’s jersey for a model on their new team, or you swap it for another player on the existing team.

This year, there will be more than 100 players up for free agency, so the program just make help you out.

For more information on how the American Express Jersey Assurance Program works for the NBA, visit the website here.