Diddy Dispels Beef Rumors With 50 Cent On The Breakfast Club

Diddy on The Breakfast Club

Diddy recently visited The Breakfast Club and squashed all rumors of any beef between himself and 50 Cent.

The two moguls have been throwing shots back and forth in the media (typically initiated by 50) for some time, so it was surprising to hear that he actually feels love vibes from his fellow New Yorker.

When DJ Envy inquired about tensions between the two, Diddy promptly responded, “I don’t have no beef with Fif — he loves me, he loves me. Ya’ll can’t see it – I mean, ya’ll can’t see it?”

Although Diddy seems to truly believe the back and forth between himself and 50 resembles more of a friendly sparring match, the hosts didn’t see it that way. “I don’t think he like you,” Envy responded, also adding that he felt, in one way or another, they were both the same. “No we are not,” Diddy replied. “We are not cut from the same cloth.”

Still, Diddy says he has respect for 50 and doesn’t have it in him to bad mouth another man. These days, the mogul is only looking to uplift those around him.

In addition to setting the record straight on 50 Cent, Diddy also discussed his desire to have more children. “I could go to eight (children) without a problem,” he explained. “Would you have them with your current woman (Cassie)?” Charlamagne inquired, to which he replied that he would only have the children with the woman he is in a relationship with at the time.

Watch the full interview up above, where he also talks about his recent charitable contributions, Mary J. Blige’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, his new show The Four, as well as the past and future of Bad Boy.