50 Cent & Ja Rule Reignite 15-Year-Old Beef

50 Cent
via TigerDirect / CC-BY-2.0

After all these years, it appears 50 Cent and Ja Rule still can’t stand each other.

During a recent appearance on Los Angeles’ REAL 92.3, Fiddy addressed the beef with Ja, after his Den of Thieves co-star O’Shea Jackson Jr. said he couldn’t be a fan of Ja after 50 came out.

“I done put him to bed,” 50 Cent bragged.

Shortly after the interview aired, Ja Rule went off on Twitter, clearly agitated by 50 Cent’s comments.

“Let’s be clear I mind my business,” he wrote. “but for some reason @50cent keeps my name in his mouth… I think he’d rather have my d*ck in his mouth lmao… #bitchassn*gga #ticklebooty.”

That wasn’t it, Ja Rule continued his rant, calling 50 Cent a “p*ssy,” and recalling their infamous run-in, where he says 50 Cent was “beat up, stabbed, and shot.”
He also warned Jackson — who is the son of Ice Cube — to “stay sucker free”.

50 eventually responded on Instagram, with a “Groundhog Day” post, writing: “When the checks stop and you go back to the hood, and everybody knows your broke…it’s not my fault.”