Controversial rapper XXXTentacion had quite a 2017. In addition to rising to prominence, he also got into some trouble, a few beefs and more.

Because of this, during a recent interview with DJ Akademiks, Tupac was brought up due to the late rapper’s own controversial career.

XXXTentacion wasn’t having it, immediately shutting down the comparison. “Bro, I’m better Tupac,” the Florida rapper declared. “Please don’t compare me to him. Please don’t. Tupac can’t make rock music. Tupac can’t do that. Tupac was a dancer and a poet and a rapper.”

XXXTentacion even made the bold claim that the Notorious B.I.G. was better poet than Tupac was. “Biggie was fire,” he said. “If you ask me though, Biggie was a better poet… I think Biggie better, as far as a rapper. Tupac could articulate himself very well. But, Biggie was a better poet bruh.”

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