If you’re a fan of Nas, it’s likely that you’re familiar with his most iconic body of work — his debut album, Illmatic.

What you may not know is that he recorded the project when he was only 17 years old. The album garnered overwhelming critical acclaim from critics, while lyricists from all around the globe hailed Illmatic as the driving force behind their passion for hip-hop. What ended up becoming one of East Coast’s most influential albums is now being turned into a classical piece of composition, with the help of the National Symphony Orchestra.

PBS will air a documentary called Great Performances, which will feature Nas telling the story of life on the streets of New York through a classical performance of Illmatic live from the Kennedy Center. His performance will be backed by Washington D.C.’s own National Symphony Orchestra, and fuse two of the most artistic genres of music to create an unimaginable production you won’t want to miss.

Great Performances will air Feb. 2 on PBS at 9 p.m.