TDE’s Jay Rock Shares Details on Solo Album & “Black Panther” Soundtrack

Jay Rock Solo album

In an effort to promote the Black Panther soundtrack, which is exclusively produced by Kendrick Lamar and TDE, Jay Rock stopped by The Real After Party radio show… and confirmed a few details on his solo album.

He says it’s coming this year.

Pointing out that he was involved in an accident, leading to minor “setbacks” healing up, Rock did reveal that his long-awaited album “is done” and features Kendrick Lamar, as well as and production from Sounwave. Surprising?

“Fo’ sho, it’s coming,” said Jay Rock. “It’s already done. It’s mixed up. It’s ready to go. It’s still like… you know, the business side, as far as getting things cleared and things of that nature. But it’s ready to go, though.”

In not wanting to reveal too much, the Los Angeles rapper promised that fans will not be disappointed with the final project. “The sound is crazy,” he Jay Rock said. “…I just wanna drop it and let it go from there.”

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