After its reveal last year, we finally got a chance to get behind the wheel of the newly redesigned 2018 Lincoln Navigator “Black Label” edition.

Similar to the concept version that was unveiled a year before, the new Lincoln’s most notable change and our favorite design element is the eye-catching front grill. The rounded rectangle shape and pattern gives the brand’s flagship SUV a luxurious appearance right off the bat. The rear, however, is a bit underwhelming when compared to the front.

There’s a beautiful “NAVIGATOR” badge at each side, done up in shiny chrome; and details such as an illuminated Lincoln logo that shines on the ground at night; fender vents adding a bit of dress; and boldly-designed rims underneath that measured in at 22 inches on our review model.

2018 Lincoln Navigator 2018 Lincoln Navigator

Overall, the Navigator’s new design stands out on the road and turned the heads of those yet to lay their eyes on one.

As beautiful as it is on the exterior, the interior is even more luxurious.

Inside, you are greeted with plush, hand-stitched leather, chrome accenting, glossy wood grain and what appears to be suede or nubuck on the headliner. Our test model was also equipped with everything you could ask for. There’s heated, cooled and massaging (yes, massaging) seats; and a heated and cooled steering wheel … because why not?

2018 Lincoln Navigator

The center console is highlighted by a massive, 10-inch touchscreen display that features navigation, and all the usual infotainment features, including smartphone integration for Apple and Android devices, via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

2018 Lincoln Navigator

While we were wowed by its design, luxurious details and features, the new Navigator also offered an easy, comfortable ride with some power to boot. It has impressive acceleration, allowing you to pass anyone on the freeway, while maintaining a smooth ride. There’s an “Excite” driving mode that we didn’t get a chance to test, but it is said to offer more drivetrain response while stiffening the adaptive damping suspension.

On the freeway, the “Conserve” driving mode allows the suspension to easily absorb the pavement bumps, while offering up to 23 mpg with rear-wheel drive.

Overall, the 2018 Lincoln Navigator Black Label was joy to drive. Its redesigned look and ultra-lux interior puts it up there among the top full-size SUVs on the market. But, you’re paying for it. The standard Navigator starts at $72,000, and our Black Label edition — which is the top trim — carried a pricetag of over $96,000.

Lincoln provided us with the vehicle, insurance and tank of gas for this review.