Surfing in Hawaii
via Floyd Manzano / CC-BY-2.0

Residents and visitors of Hawaii woke up to quite a scare on Saturday monrning (Jan. 13), when they received an emergency text alert of an inbound missile attack.

Shortly after 8 a.m. local time, a push alert was sent out.

“Ballistic missile threat inbound to Hawaii. Seek immediate shelter. This is not a drill,” the alert read.

WHOA!! Just 10 minutes later, the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency tweeted that it was a false alarm. However, it took nearly another 30 minutes before the emergency management team sent out a follow-up push alert to correct the mistake, according to the Associated Press.

In the meantime, residents of Hawaii were left panicked and believing their lives were in danger.

Apparently, the push alert was sent out in human error. Hawaii Governor David Ige told CNN that an employee “pushed the wrong button” during a “procedure that occurs at the change of shift.”

Hawaii’s emergency administrator, Vern Miyagi, took the blame for the error. He also said they’ll “take action to prevent this from ever happening again.”