Black Panther
via Marvel / Disney

Marvel’s upcoming superhero film, Black Panther, is already exceeding Captain America: Civil War in presale tickets as Fandango’s best-selling MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) title in the first 24 hours of presales, according to Deadline.

Captain America: Civil War opened in Summer 2016, earning $179 million at the domestic box office.

Though Black Panther is a month out, it seems to be a hot ticket out the gate. It’s still uncertain if the upcoming film will become the top-grossing Marvel movie — The Avengers holds that title with $679 million (actual domestic gross: $623 million).

Although there’s no specific formula to determine opening weekend sales, we are talking about a Marvel superhero release, and these presale ticket numbers can suggest a strong opening weekend at the box office for Black Panther.

According to a recent Fandango survey, Black Panther was voted as the second most anticipated movie of 2018 and opens in theaters February 16.