While big displays on smartphones are the norm, one company is going in the other direction, introducing the world’s smallest mobile phone.

Zanco is preparing the release of the tiny t1, which is smaller than your thumb and fits into the palm of your hand. And… it really works.

The t1 is actually made to be used as a backup, emergency phone, or when you simply don’t want to carry around your regular phone. You can use it to either talk and text, via a built-in speaker, microphone, and fully functioning keyboard.

It is compatible with nano SIM cards and operates on the 2G network.  It also features a 12.5mm OLED screen and a micro USB charging port, while the battery provides up to three days or 180 minutes of talk time.

Zanco is launching the tiny t1 via Kickstarter. To date, it has raised just over $220,000, blowing past its goal of $33,000. To back the project, check it out here.