Rich The Kid
via Instagram / Rich The Kid

Rich the Kid and his manager were escorted off an American Airlines plane by police officers on Tuesday (Jan. 9), shortly after their flight touched down in Los Angeles.

According to TMZ, the altercation began when Rich got up from his seat to use the restroom before the plane had reached the gate. After the rapper refused to sit back down, an argument broke out. His manager then got involved, allegedly telling the flight attendant “I will cut your head off.”

This incident led to the pair being escorted off the plane by police, with the rapper’s road manager being arrested on a misdemeanor criminal threats charge.

Despite the airline’s claims, Rich claims the incident was racial profiling and urged people to boycott American Airlines. “I got racially profiled on the plane because I’m black,” he wrote on Instagram. “I wanted to use the restroom.. Do not ride American Airlines. This is Rich the Kid speaking and I’m letting you know American Airlines will racially profile you.”

This is the second time Rich the Kid has been thrown off an airplane in less than a year. In March of 2017, the rapper was booted off of a flight for playing music too loudly on his phone.