After debuting the technology via a collaboration with Huntsman & Sons last fall, Reebok partners with various designers to showcase its Flexweave footwear innovation.

In partnership with Joe Doucet x Partners (USA), Modla (ENG) and Odd Matter (AN), Reebok explored the potential of its new material — an open figure-8 construction that interlocks unlimited strands to create strong and light surface.

All designers worked with the version of the textile that will appear in the first-generation of Reebok Flexweave footwear, launching in 2018, made from chenille yarn.

New York-based Joe Doucet x Partners designed a pair of Reebok Flexweave running gloves, which are form-fitting to the wearers hand and absorb sweat as they run. The prototype was designed with the vision of being GPS-enabled, guiding the wearer through their run with flashing LED lights to indicate when to turn left or right.

Netherlands-based design studio Odd Matter created a furniture series of “active sitting” chairs; made through a combination of Reebok Flexweave and malleable EVA foam.

“The Inspiration for the chair came from the Flexweave material itself. Whilst experimenting and playing with the fabric we were very intrigued by its behavior, structure and strength under tension. From there we wanted to create an object that played with that tension, a bit like the string of a bow, something in which the tension and strength is palpable,” said Els Woldhek, Odd Matter. “Working with the Flexweave was very interesting, for instance when cutting it in different directions you straight away notice the differences between the fibers and the technical properties of the Flexweave. This in turn has made us really curious about everything else that is possible with the technology.”

Finally, London-based Modla pushed the creative boundaries of 3D printing and digital 3D design, creating a Reebok Flexweave altitude training mask.

For more info on Reebok’s Flexweave technology, visit their website here.