Lil Pump Quits Xans, But Now Promotes “Lean Pong”

Lil Pump
via Lil Pump’s “Gucci Gang” video

Lil Pump started off 2018 strong, announcing his decision to quit abusing the prescription drug Xanax. Unfortunately, he’s picking up a new habit.

The teen rapper took to social media recently, revealing that he’s still heavy on lean, while playing a game of “lean pong”.

What is lean pong you ask? It’s a mixture of beer pong with the popular Houston concoction. Instead of filling the cups with beer, you fill it with the syrup/soda mixture.

“Listen up y’all, we playing lean pong 2018,” Lil Pump said in a video. “Poured up a whole four in the jar. Gotta fill up all the cups. 2018 lean pong.”

Pump previously came under fire for the promotion of lean in his music videos. Specifically, he is seen serving the drink to students in the video to his breakout single, “Gucci Gang”.

Lean is controversial. The mix of promethazine and codeine, alongside soda, is popular among many rappers… but has led to the deaths of notable figures in the hip-hop community — including A$AP Yams, DJ Screw and UGK legend Pimp C.