Travis Scott
via Eddy Rissling / The Come Up Show / CC-BY-2.0

Travis Scott has announced that his long-awaited Astroworld album will be released during Q1 of 2018, leaving a two-month window for the album release.

While not a whole lot is known about the project thus far, the Houston rapper has stated that he is bringing high-profile names like Kanye West and Stevie Wonder on board for the project.

“My next album is going to have Stevie,” Scott stated in an interview with Billboard. “Well, I’m trying. We’re talking.”

Scott also revealed that he has been working with intimately with West recently, though Ye’s contributions to the album are yet to be announced. “I played him some joints. We’re always talking,” Scott explained. “We’re always working on sh*t. I see him every day.”

The artist also has big plans for 2018. He says he’s on “a mission to be heard,” adding that he is “going crazy all the way until November 28.” What’s with the specific date? He later backed down, saying didn’t mean anything and that it was “just a date.”

Scott announced the album last May, several months prior to the release of his sophomore album Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight. The project was originally slated to e released in 2017, but has since been delayed several times.

According to Scott, Astroworld — which is named after the defunct Houston theme park of the same name — will be partially inspired by the rapper’s life in the city.